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Friday, December 30, 2011

Who is Kate Upton and Why Does My Boyfriend Love Her?

No relationship is perfect. We all fight our own battles — whether your boyfriend forgets to pick you up from swim practice, doesn’t notice your new haircut or simply doesn’t want to get drunk and make out 24/7 (haha, yeah right). You talk it out, forgive and forget.
But what happens when the “battle” at hand is a 5’10 blonde bombshell named Kate Upton and she’s taking up 100% of your BF’s attention? Clean up on aisle five, droolfest.
Ladies, I think it’s time we learned as much as possible about Ms. Upton, relationship terrorist. Arm yourselves with knowledge and an even fiercer, lacier, whore-ier set of underwear. Our friends at COEDMagazine, who were some of the first guys to drink the Kate Kool-Aid, did us the favor of recapping her finer moments of 2011. Take heed.

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